Sunday Post – City

November 2, 2012.


Independence Monument

Big, big, city…
Lot of things to do, lot of places to visit…
Museums, expositions, culture, traditions, food…
Amaizing City, Amaizing people…
Lenguage, colors, tastes….
A country with a lot to teach about, to show, to offer…
To it’s people, to foreigners, to anyone who steps in it.
I’m Mexican, I’m proud of it.
I Love my country, our traditions, our expectacular food.


A city can be honored because of its wealth: people, places,
museums, food, traditions, culture.
MEXICO CITY is a place worth visiting.
There’s a lot of things to do weather you like
going out to museums, or nightlife.
You got everything in one place: entertainment & culture.


Highway – Puebla/Perote Veracruz

Jalcomulco Veracruz – Rafting

We also have landscapes and Culture in every city of the country,
In every place you go, you can enjoy the view, the activities, the nightlife.


Gguelaguetza – Oaxaca

Xochimilco – Sur del DF

Mexico has got a lot of wonderful and colorful traditions, All around each corner on every place, every city you visit.

SPECIAL TRADITIONS  – 02 November – The Day of The Death

Dia de Muertos

 COME and visit Mexico, is waiting for you!

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About Andrea Carbax

Mexicana mochilera y viajera, voluntariados alrededor del mundo, adicta a viajar. Mis pasiones: la música, escribir, la naturaleza, la fiesta, la fotografía, el arte y la cultura. Mexican backpacker World Traveller, volunteering, #worldpacker addict. My passions: writing, music, dancing, nature, photography, arts & culture, party, travel. - "The best human quality is that of becoming unstoppable, and you become unstoppable by refusing to quit no matter what happens" - "Follow your dreams until they become true, fight for what you want in life and just make it happen!!" - "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer" 😍
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13 Responses to Sunday Post – City

  1. I love your pictures. It shows a place where everything is fun, colorful, rich and beautiful. I always wanted to see Mexico in person. Perhaps one day. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    Colorful and fun photos.

  3. jakesprinter says:

    Beautiful post Andrea ,Thanks for sharing your stunning photography 🙂

  4. amira says:

    thank you for sharing mexico city with us. it looks facinating and beautiful

  5. What a wonderful post! I love the pairing of words and photos. Thanks for the follow on my blog. I look forward to following yours as well.

  6. Hola Andrea! How are you doing my Spanish-speaking friend? I know it’s been a while, but I hope things are going well for you! I love your beautiful photos. This looks like a city I would want to visit one day. And it’s definitely a great place to practice my Spanish. I need lots of practice. Ha! Ha! I’ve visited Mexico once before, but I’ve never been to Mexico City. I’m sure it must be very rich in culture. It looks like a fascinating city to visit. 🙂

    I hope you keep on blogging. I love reading your posts. Nonetheless, I need to catch up with my blog soon too. I will plan on it after the New Year. Until then, I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday my friend! 🙂

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