The power of Change!



These lines are just AWSOME they got in them the power of change.
Hope for a new beginig, a new human way of life.
There are very simple rules for life,
Steps to success, to the power of our own decisions.
Feel the change coming from your depths.
The CHANGE begins in you,
And continues with your surroundings.

We have the POWER to be, what we WANT to be,
And not what others tell us to be.
There’s only one life…

Yesterday is already GONE…
And tomorrow may NEVER come…
TODAY… is all we got to fight & live for.

About Andrea Carbax

Mexicana mochilera y viajera, voluntariados alrededor del mundo, adicta a viajar. Mis pasiones: la música, escribir, la naturaleza, la fiesta, la fotografía, el arte y la cultura. Mexican backpacker World Traveller, volunteering, #worldpacker addict. My passions: writing, music, dancing, nature, photography, arts & culture, party, travel. - "The best human quality is that of becoming unstoppable, and you become unstoppable by refusing to quit no matter what happens" - "Follow your dreams until they become true, fight for what you want in life and just make it happen!!" - "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer" 😍
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4 Responses to The power of Change!

  1. cobbies69 says:

    love it thank you for share great post..;

  2. amira says:

    OUCH. all I am reading today is telling my that I am living in the past. or that i am letting my thoughts control me.
    I guess I need to actively work on doing something to control my thoughts.
    thanks for the lovely share

    • */-)ndr¡X* says:

      Well indeed that happens to all of us, we are human beings is our condition. But that’s why we need to work out that part and stop living in the past, so that we can start living the present, as I have this phrase:
      Yesterday is already gone, tomorrow may never come, and today ir our reality, we need to embrace it and be happy 😀

      That way when tomorrow comes we all can be better humans, better brothers, sisters, coworkers, friends and so on! 😉

      By the way thanks as always for your lovley words, is a pleasure having you around!

      Have a great day!

      PS: All the trick is on “changing our mindset” to a more positive one.

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