Wise words, Wise thinking for life!

Wise words, Wise thinking for life…!

I simply loved this post, because it is just AWSOME: writing, powerful words, powerful thoughts, amaizing writing, but what is most is that we all may take it for granted and start living this way, everything, and everyday will be more enjoyable, and we shall stop worring aout the past, nor the future, just live for today, just enjoy the present, no one will bring us back the lost time, but we can do somithing with the present one… Inspiring!!

Zen and determination
Author – Pintor del Alma

I found this verse, from the “Dance of the Hida Maiden”, a japanese song.

The  girl I saw yesterday
Is not here today.
The girl I see today,
She`ll not be here tomorrow.
I know not what the morrow will bring,
I want to love her today.

Today, the present moment, now, it’s all that exists, everything else is an illusion. Bare with me, this might sound a bit harsh, but if you look a bit into it,  you’ll surely notice it rings with truth. Whenever the mind wanders away from the present moment, into the past, the future, or the possibility of a different existence, attention is not in the Now.
When attention is not in the present moment, all sorts of “issues” arise. Stress, depression, guilt, judgement, etc. are just symptoms of the same underlying condition, which is (even if it sounds redundant) not being present.

Have you ever had breakfast, and realize during the day you cannot remember what you ate? Or waing up after a party, to realize you don’t remember almost anything from the night before (alcohol or other intoxicating substances aren’t necessary to cause that). Even meeting a person and wondering 30 seconds later “what was his/her name?”.
So why am I rambling on and on about the importance of the present moment? Wel, in my experience, it’s where sanity, inspiration (to be in-spirit), enthusiasm (from in-theos, God within), love, compassion, praise, peace, happiness, holiness and Silence become evident and tangible, and for all of you who want to manifest your dreams, it`s where Manifestation happens, Miracles, if you may.

In that verse I stumbled upon today, I find a jewel of Truth shining like a million Suns, the gentle reminder that certainty is not necessary for inner peace, for experiencing love, or even experiencing life to its fullest.

Gently, very gently, come back Home, into this Present Moment, into Silence, and never leave; you will soon enough realize that the Heavens are at your feet and the Earth is at your service, because your Service will be clear to you, the perfect, joyous dance of ever increasing virtue, right here, right Now.

Breathe into this moment, let go all ideas about what your experience should be, and experience the present freely. Your bliss, your refuge, your infinite power, have always been here, within you…

Awaken and Remember




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2 Responses to Wise words, Wise thinking for life!

  1. adinparadise says:

    “Seize the day,” is what it’s all about. Have a beautiful day and weekend. 😉

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