Need some push back to the path of life

Today is one of those days in wich you don’t know what you want to do with your life and still there are lots of different paths just in front of you waiting for you to decide and choose. There are still lot of things to learn, life is a continous learning path, lots of things to be seen, and what’s more to be done. I’m nothing more than a university student, with the common problem of what to do with my life after graduating. I asume many people like me got through this kind of decision ones or twice in their lifes. Sometimes is complicated to find what you like, what you love to do, to realize what you want to do for every-day-living so I hope, soon I’ll find what moves just right inside me, that burns out that fire of knowledge, of joy, the joy for living, the power hidden to fight for what we want and achieve our goals.


About Andrea Carbax

Mexicana mochilera y viajera, voluntariados alrededor del mundo, adicta a viajar. Mis pasiones: la música, escribir, la naturaleza, la fiesta, la fotografía, el arte y la cultura. Mexican backpacker World Traveller, volunteering, #worldpacker addict. My passions: writing, music, dancing, nature, photography, arts & culture, party, travel. - "The best human quality is that of becoming unstoppable, and you become unstoppable by refusing to quit no matter what happens" - "Follow your dreams until they become true, fight for what you want in life and just make it happen!!" - "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer" 😍
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5 Responses to Need some push back to the path of life

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  2. jakesprinter says:

    I Love this post my friend 🙂

    • */-)ndr¡X* says:

      Hey Jake!! It just some of what I am at this moment, and some reflection of what I can be or what I may become in the future jejeje

      Thanks for your comment! I hope you have a great week begining tomorrow, it is always nice to hear from you 😉

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