*More than words*

Oh – thinkin about all our younger years
There was only you and me
We were young and wild and free

Now nothin can take you away from me
Weve been down that road before
But thats over now
You keep me comin back for more
Baby youre all that I want
When youre lyin here in my arms
Im findin it hard to believe
Were in heaven

And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isnt too hard to see
Were in heaven

Oh – once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
Bring you up when youre feelin down

Ya – nothin could change what you mean to me
Oh theres lots that I could say
But just hold me now
Cause our love will light the way


Ive bin waitin for so long
For somethin to arrive
For love to come along

Now our dreams are comin true
Through the good times and the bad
Ya – Ill be standin there by you

Author: Bryan Adams




About Andrea Carbax

Mexicana mochilera y viajera, voluntariados alrededor del mundo, adicta a viajar. Mis pasiones: la música, escribir, la naturaleza, la fiesta, la fotografía, el arte y la cultura. Mexican backpacker World Traveller, volunteering, #worldpacker addict. My passions: writing, music, dancing, nature, photography, arts & culture, party, travel. - "The best human quality is that of becoming unstoppable, and you become unstoppable by refusing to quit no matter what happens" - "Follow your dreams until they become true, fight for what you want in life and just make it happen!!" - "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer" 😍
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